Patisserie in SorrentoPatisserie in SorrentoPatisserie in SorrentoPatisserie in Sorrento

Traditional pastry shop in Sorrento

Traditional pastry shop in Sorrento

Traditional pastry shop in Sorrento

Traditional pastry shop in Sorrento


Uniche...fantastiche...ma anke le briosche con la nutella leggermente calde sono troppo buoneeeeeeee...

Dora Troisi il 2009-01-13 18:09:23

mangiare i crocchè equivale ad un'esperienza mistica. Da Facebook

Grazia Savarese il 2010-05-30 12:05:24

ma che ci mettono dentro ai crocchè??? mistero... prima o poi ci faranno una puntata di Voyager

Eugenio Fiorentino il 2009-01-13 22:46:17

Sconvolgenti crocchè!!! Ma anche il cornetto rustico con pistacchi e prosciutto è ottimo!!

Elvira Lotti il 2009-01-13 20:29:27


Bar Rita - Patisserie of taste and delight
sorrento patisserie

Bar Rita has been operating in Sorrento since 1968 in the field of high level patisserie. In the beating heart of a land full of food traditions and delicacies, the patisserie of Bar Rita is different from all the others for the extraordinary taste and for being always fresh and made with all the best ingredients in Campania. It also respects the tradition and the old Neapolitan cooking school rules but it adds to all this magic the ultimate food industry technology.


The Pastry Chef of the Sorrento pastry shop Bar Rita learned at once the art of selecting the best ingredients. Along with superb recipes and skilled hands the result is a delicacy. The production is genuine and tasty and there’s a big variety of delicacies to choose from. You’ll embark on a journey of flavours and fragrances and you will learn the secrets of the popular tradition of Campania and new recipes that have made The Pastry Shop Bar Rita famous all over the world.


The perfect conjugation between the simplicity of flavours and exaltation of taste, is represented by the "Torta della Nonna" a mix of cream and pastry, which includes the genius of the production of Pastry Shop Bar Rita.

Just taste it just once, and it will stay with you forever.

The selection of very fine pastry, also presents the most valuable delicacies of the Neapolitan tradition, reinterpreted by the wisdom and competence of Confectioners of the Pastry Shop Rita.


The wide range of daily production sees "Sfogliatelle" and "Frolle", the famous “Babà”, the “Zeppole di San Giuseppe”, the "Choux" and a varied production of Fresh Fruit Cakes. 

The Pastry Shop Rita offers all of its finest desserts, both in standard format in the “Mignon” format.
The composition of the “mignon” pastry Bar Rita's is the best way to enjoy and taste all the flavour of years of experience and tradition, in one bite.

In addition to the delicacies of its traditional line, the Patisserie Bar Rita offers the best of the Neapolitan tradition, prepared for special annual festivity. The "Mustaccioli", the "Roccocò" and "Susamielli", traditional desserts of the Christmas Holidays. The "Pastiera di Grano" and "Casatiello" at Easter. The "Chiacchiere" in Carnival and many other specialties, able to recall and celebrate the best moments you’ll spend with your family.

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