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Rotisserie in Sorrento


Uniche...fantastiche...ma anke le briosche con la nutella leggermente calde sono troppo buoneeeeeeee...

Dora Troisi il 2009-01-13 18:09:23

ma che ci mettono dentro ai crocchè??? mistero... prima o poi ci faranno una puntata di Voyager

Eugenio Fiorentino il 2009-01-13 22:46:17

Sconvolgenti crocchè!!! Ma anche il cornetto rustico con pistacchi e prosciutto è ottimo!!

Elvira Lotti il 2009-01-13 20:29:27

mangiare i crocchè equivale ad un'esperienza mistica. Da Facebook

Grazia Savarese il 2010-05-30 12:05:24


Bar Rita - Rotisserie of taste and delight
Rotisserie Sorrento

The home production of rustic specialties, always fresh and interesting, is the best quality of the Rotisserie Bar Rita. Many customers choose the Rotisserie Bar Rita for their special moment during their day, thanks to the valuable pieces of the Neapolitan tradition, appetizers and dishes.


The “Crocché” (croquette) cooked with from the best potatoes of Campania, carefully selected and hand produced step by step, are one the most desired delicacies in Sorrento. The harmony of the dough, the filling and crunchy delicacy of the external part, are combined in an ecstasy of flavours that can be fully described only by the good feeling that follows the first bite.


Together with the famous Crocchè, the Rotisserie Bar Rita gives a good choice among the best choice of the products that once filled the "Cuoppo", a fried starters variety famous in Naples. Among the other specialties of the Rotisserie Rita, there are the light and tasty fried “Arancini”, the “Frittata di Pasta” (Pasta omelette) and still many other treats, all to be tasted.


In addition to the diverse frying section, the Bar Rita offers a range of rustic specialties such as “Fagottini Pasta Brioches”, stuffed with meats and vegetables, handmade and baked, and the “Rustic Brioches”, stuffed with sausage or sausage and potatoes.


An entire chapter of particular delicacy is reserved to Sandwiches, filled in the most varied and original ways. The choice of bread, soft and fragrant and the selection of each ingredient, are particularly important for the satisfaction of customers. For our pleasure and also theirs, they happen to choose the Rotisserie Bar Rita for lunches and snacks everyday.
A place of honor in the daily production is reserved  to the Pizza, and other delicacies from the Focaccia stuffed with ham, cheese and tomato, to the more classic Pizza of Naples’ Tradition , made with ancient wisdom and seasoned with the best products and the finest mozzarella that Campania has to offer.

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